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Inside Beauty: Vow to Love Your Skin

  • By Winnie Pang

Inside Beauty: Vow to Love Your Skin

It’s the month of love and what a wonderful opportunity it is to think about something you may be taking for granted — your skin.

You know that glorious organ that covers your entire body, protects you from the elements, allows you to feel hot and cold, and helps regulate body temperature?

So, you could say it’s important… so important you should care for it regularly. And maybe not just care for it, but love it.

We all know it takes nurturing and commitment to build a healthy relationship, but it also takes that same foundation to build healthy skin. 

In fact, you’ll want to fully invest yourself in loving your skin because it will be with you for as long as you both shall live.

Consider committing to loving your skin this month by taking the “vows” listed below. You may even want to hold your own private ceremony in front of the mirror for added significance. Invite close friends and family members for additional support (kidding).



1. I Will Put My Skin Above All Else

Your skin is the most prevalent part of your body and the first thing people see, so put it on the priority scale as No. 1 (as far as self-care is concerned, anyway). And it’s so easy because Celavive has taken out all of the guess work to provide you a simple six-step process to help you properly care for your skin. Even we can do it!

Step One: Pre-Cleanse with Celavive's Conditioning Makeup Remover

This removes any impurities and dissolves long-wear and waterproof makeup. We know how challenging it is to remove waterproof and long-wear makeup, this does the job by gently removing without any scrubbing. Not only that, this doesn't leave any oily residue, rather, it leaves your skin hydrated.

Step Two: Cleanse with Celavive's Gentle Milk Cleanser or the Creamy Foam Cleanser

The Gentle Milk Cleanser helps gently washes away dirt, oil and impurities without stripping the natural moisture from your skin. We know the tight and/or dry feeling after cleansing and trust us, that feeling doesn't feel great. 

The Creamy Foam Cleanser uses the foam technique to lift away dirt, oil and impurities. In addition, this also exfoliates dull and dry skin, while balancing the skin hydration.

Both of these cleansers keep the skin hydration intact, providing you with a natural glow.

Step Three: Tone with Celavive's Perfecting Toner

Knowing water helps with cleansing our faces, however, water also strips away the natural oil. Because of that, Perfecting Toner restores moisture balance, and not only that, the toner helps balance the skin's pH levels (which has a range between 4-5.5). 

Step Four: Hydrate your eyes (the most delicate areas) with Celavive's Hydrating Eye Essence

The saying of "the eyes can tell your age" is something we definitely do not want people to know our true age. Hence, the Eye Essence can lessens the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and appearance of dark circles. Not only that, the eye essence brightens, lifts and smooths the look of your eyes. Note: For all the ladies who stayed up to study or had a late night, this definitely helps with the tired eyes. 

Step Four: Hydrate with Celavive's Vitalizing Serum

We love this serum because of what it can do for our skin. Not only it improves the appearance of visible skin aging, it also restores a healthy-looking radiance. In addition, it supports the skin's natural renewal processes for dramatically younger-looking skin. The laugh lines or smile lines we all want to reduce the definition, this serum does the trick! 

Step Four: Hydrate with Celavive's Hydrating + Lifting Sheet Mask

What can you do to improve your complexion in just 20 minutes? The time spent is very close to an episode of a 30 minute show. The hydrating + lifting sheet mask not only provides intense hydration, it also brightens, lifts and smooths the look of complexion. These great pointers allow us to have a fresh look before a night out or attend a special occasion. Note: For all the brides-to-be, the mask is perfect solution for keeping your skin hydrated for the biggest day of your life. 

Step Five: Replenish in the morning with Celavive's Protective Day Lotion or Protective Day Cream

Protective Day Lotion is a lightweight liquid formula that hydrates your skin without the heaviness of the rich cream. Having the lightweight feeling on your skin makes a huge difference when applying makeup as your face doesn't feel heavy or the "cakey" feeling.

Protective Day Cream is a rich and hydrating cream formula that restores the appearance of moisturized skin. This cream is very beneficial for those ladies that require a freshen up with hydrating spray during the day.

Both lotion and cream have advanced protection from UVA/UVB rays, and not only that, they both fights the look of premature skin aging.

Step Five: Replenish in the evening with Celavive's Replenishing Night Gel or Replenishing Night Cream

Replenishing Night Gel & Replenishing Night Cream are very different than the night lotion or cream out in the market as the gel & cream have a dewy finish which keeps your face moisturize and provides the maximum hydration for a plumping, youthful-looking effect overnight. Your face is rejuvenated when you wake up the next day. The gel & cream also fight the visible signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and even out the texture and tone your skin.


 2. I Will Nurture, Care and Strengthen My Skin

Treat your skin right by giving it what it needs to be healthy.

First, provide the care listed above to gently nurture your skin. Then feed it with good omega 3 as well as Vitamin A, B, C, and E to protect and care for your skin at the deepest level.

Last, let it rest by getting plenty of sleep each night so it can strengthen and rejuvenate. We found by doing these simple tasks, our dark raccoon eyes have begun to disappear.


3. I Will Provide Safety and Protection for My Skin

Apply generous amounts of UV protection whenever you plan to be out in the sun. Wear a hat, sunglasses, and clothing to cover your arms and legs for added protection.

Be sure to apply your Daytime lotion or cream under your makeup to further combat the influences of the sun and other elements.


4. I Will Love My Skin Through Sickness and in Health

Like us, maybe you spent too many hours out in the sun without protection, causing extensive damage to your skin. If that’s the case, you will need a more aggressive treatment in addition to your daily care, like Celavive's hydrating + lifting mask. It leaves your skin looking clearer and more radiant. In addition, it will leave your skin feeling sooth, softened, and restored.


5. I Will Make a Lifelong Commitment to Care for My Skin

Even if you’re a commitment-phobe, it’s not too late to start building a healthy relationship with your skin. Commit now to start loving your skin each day. You will notice a difference. We know we have.

Say “I Do” to loving your skin and start enjoying a beautiful, glowing life together. Congratulations and best wishes to you both!

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