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Celavive takes over Hollywood

  • By Winnie Pang

Celavive takes over Hollywood

Health, beauty and lifestyle curators from all over California recently gathered at the prestigious London hotel in West Hollywood to learn all about Celavive: the new high-performance skincare line. Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Jennifer Lee wowed upwards of 30 lifestyle curators with the specifics of what makes this highly anticipated innovation in skincare so effective. But the event wasn’t all speeches and education. These lucky attendees were hosted by Celavive fan and Instagram beauty influencer Ami Desai.

The esteemed London Hotel served a gourmet lunch, cultural instigator took Instagram worthy pictures, posed for fashion illustrations, and treated themselves to the gift of healthy skin! Take a look at all the fun these trailblazers had at the Celavive Luncheon:

Kimberly Caldwell-Harvey

Lisa Breckenridge

Katie Austin

Adrienne Finch

Jamie Stone

Rydel Lynch 

Kinya Claiborne


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